Selina Sevilla reveals name of doctor

Selina Sevilla, the Filipina singer who now suffers complications from a butt augmentation procedure done 11 years ago has revealed the name of the doctor.

Selina SevillaMs. Sevilla said the doctor's name starts with the letters "R.A.E", although I also heard it as "R.E.A." due to the fast-paced interview by ABS-CBN news anchor Alex Santos via phone.

She added that the doctor maintains a clinic in Malate and several other areas in Metro Manila. The singer is set to disclose the doctor's full name before the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) today.

We will update this story.

Update 1: Selina filed a complaint against Dr. R. A. Eugenio over botched butt job at the NBI on Wednesday.

Initial findings revealed that Eugenio does not have a license which means that he is a fake doctor. His clinic in Malate was already closed a long time ago. The NBI said it will conduct a thorough investigation on this case.

Update 2: It was revealed on tv that Selina is suffering from a severe infection called Gluteal Necrosis. The singer is set to undergo expensive surgical operations to remove it.