Nursing Board Exam June 2009 results release

Site visitor statistics show the excitement of examinees who took the Nursing Board Exam last June 2009. More than eight hundred (800) internet users come to this site on a daily basis to search for the NLE exam results alone.

That number is expected to increase as the day of the release of the list of successful passers is getting nearer.

Based on the NLE of the same month last year, the results were released exactly thirty five (35) working days from the examination date. The June 2009 NLE was conducted last June 6 and 7, then we will expect the big day to be July 24, 2009. It could also be a day or a few days earlier or later.

What to expect

A large number of users will access the PRC website as well as the Inquirer website. Like in the past NLE, it was reported through blogs that both sites were unable to handle the surge of users and became inaccessible for a certain period.

  1. When that happens, all you need to do is look for alternate sites with much larger bandwidth like this blog. A site on a free hosting service like Blogger (Blogspot) can pretty well handle the demand. It has very large bandwidth allocations and fast servers.
  2. To easily get the results, go to Google ( and type the keywords "nursing june 2009 coolbuster", just click the sitelink and you're done.
  3. Look for a site that has a PDF file of the results that is embedded or is available for download (which is exactly what we are going to do). That way, you will not have to wait longer browsing the whole site for your name. It will also spare you of getting bombarded with plenty of advertisements.
  4. The easiest way is to bookmark this site or subscribe via email. Who knows that tomorrow the results are already released.
Well that's it. Good luck to all examinees!