How to Pass the PMA Entrance Exam (PMAEE)

It is easy to pass the Philippine Military Academy Entrance Examination (PMAEE). All you have to do is follow these tips.

If you are a natural-born Filipino citizen, of good moral character, single and have never been married, physically fit and stands at least 5'4" (162.56 cm.) if male and 5"2" (157.48 cm.) if female, at least a high school graduate with a general average of 85% or higher with no administrative/criminal record and at least 17 years old but not a day older than 22 years on April 1, 2010, then you have what it takes to be a PMA Cadet.

For you to pass the PMAEE, have enough time to review the following subject areas starting at least 3 months before the exam date.
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • English Grammar and Composition
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Verbal/Numerical Reasoning
  • Pattern Analysis
Applicants who pass the written exam will be made to take the medical/physical test and will be ranked according to their standing in the PMAEE and undergo 4 years of education and training at government expense so you really have to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

While studying at the PMA, you will receive a monthly pay of almost P20,000 or an equivalent pay between that of a Master Sergeant and a 2nd Lieutenant in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), plus P2,700 in monthly subsistence allowance!

Currently jobless? Why not apply in the PMA?

Announcement: The 2010 PMA Entrace Exam results will be posted on this link.

With some info from the Philippine Information Agency (PIA)