Entrecard: Goodbye Paid Ads

Entrecard, the social blog advertising network, bids goodbye to paid advertisements. This was announced to users on July 22 by Ms. Cindy Ung, new Director of Business Development, via the Entrecard Blog.

EntrecardThe scapping of the EC paid ads is part of the transition process. Entrecard.com was acquired by ZipRunner Inc. this month. This was confirmed on July 16 by Graham Langdon, its founder and former owner, who will continue his relationship with ZipRunner as advisor. Richard Clark, Entrecard’s founding developer, on the other hand will also stay with the management team.

Cindy posted that they are "making great progress with the transition and have come up with several ways to refine needed Entrecard services" including the elimination of the Credit Cashout Program.

"We will continue to pay as many users as we can with the remaining funds from the “paid ads” system. Within the next 3 days, we will distribute the remaining funds from the “paid ads” to users on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once these funds run out, we will reissue credits back to those users who applied for the cashout program but did not receive money. An email notification will be sent out to our users", she wrote.

Good decision on the part of ZipRunner.

I myself lacked the interest to reciprocate EC drops lately due to the paid advertisements. There were more paying advertisers than EC carders. Also, some of my blogger-friends who used to drop ECs here took off their respective widgets and embraced rival ad network Adgetize.

With this new development, I hope EC users will become active again and help revive the 'glory' Entrecard used to have in the blog advertising industry.