Audacity 1.3.8 Released | Download has just released Audacity 1.3.8. Audacity is a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux/Unix, and other operating systems.

The new beta contains a number of significant improvements, plus some bug fixes. Highlight features include:
  • VST Effects now display in GUI mode by default
  • Updated Nyquist implementation
  • Improvements to Equalization, Noise Removal, Truncate Silence, Click Track and effects chains
  • Improved Plot Spectrum analysis and new preferences for Spectrograms
  • Record more than 16 channels (hardware/drivers permitting)
  • New "Mixer Board" view with per-track VU meters
  • AMR NB export support via the optional FFmpeg library
  • 32-bit float data over 0 dB handled without clipping
  • Draft Manual/Quick Help included in Windows and Mac installers
  • Faster waveform drawing and better response in multi-track projects
  • Various bug fixes, stability and accessibility improvements
  • See more features
To download, follow this link.

Note: This release does not support Windows 98 or ME. To ensure compatibility, download version 1.3.7 here.

I highly recommend this free software for audio recording and editing. It is an excellent program.