AnooX introduces Free Mailing List, Embedded Polls

AnooX, the company that revolutionized the search engine business by having search results powered by volunteers and operating on a non-profit basis to deliver the lowest advertising costs, is now introducing two new free services - the Free Mailing List and Embedded Polls.

AnooX LogoFree Mailing List (aka User Group)

This feature is attached to the free AnooX Blog service, allowing each AnooX Blog owner to subscribe people who are interested in their Blog, web site, or community for automatic notification as to when new content is added.

This new service eliminates the hassle of requiring people to check a Blog for new content, and enables them to instantly know when new content has been added to a Blog which they are interested in. The result is a more vibrant and lively community organized around the Blog, which can have great benefits such as increased traffic and a loyal customer base.

Some applications of the Mailing List service are:
  • Web Site News Groups
  • Event Planning & Coordination
  • Professional Services User Groups
  • Plus more
AnooX Polls can now be embedded in Blogs

AnooX now features free Polls that can be embedded within AnooX-provided free Blogs and integrated with the Mailing List which enables users to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues, friends, family, customers, etc., all with unprecedented ease and power.

For example, say, you want to plan an event and invite 50 people to this event and you want to ask them what they want to eat, what they want to drink, among others. Such planning with phone, email, or fax would be a nightmare of missed calls, lost emails and other headaches, but with the integrated AnooX Blog, Poll & Mailing List, this is just a breeze now.

Best of all, the integrated AnooX Blog, Poll, Mailing List service and much more are FREE, since they are all supported by advertising on AnooX. So all you need is a free AnooX community member account to take advantage of all these services.

For more about the AnooX Blog service new Mailing List feature, CLICK HERE.

If you do not have a free AnooX Community Member account, CLICK HERE to sign-up for one.

AnooX is a non-profit and a community based search engine project operated on an open source model by a full-time and volunteer staff from around the world dedicated to deliver the lowest cost of search engine based advertising and the most accurate search results and information.