iPhone 3G S How To

Apple established a How To web page for the new iPhone 3G S where you can find guides to make the most out of its features.

The page is so organized and user-friendly that would-be customers of the iPhone 3G S become well-informed before they actually get hold of it. The slider with clickable icons leading to iPhone 3G S features is awesome.

iphone 3G S how to
Not only that, the Top How-Tos are specifically defined. It includes: Conference Calls, Wi-Fi Networks, Web Browsing, Sync with iTunes, The App Store, Setting Up Voicemail, Stereo Headset, Syncing Calendars, Emailing Photos, Favorite Calls, Setting Ringtones, Email Organization, Using iPhone Abroad, Converting Video, Managing Contacts.

Find it here -> iPhone 3G S How To.

iPhone 3G S