How to add Bing as browser search engine

Bing! Ah, not everyone knows that this new search engine is already available on the internet. As we come accross this latest innovation from Microsoft, Coolbuster is lining up tweaks to optimize Bing - to make it even better.

Bing is a very good search provider. Our observation tells us that it is fast and accurate. Using a digital stopwatch, we tested how fast Bing searches for a keyword. Compared to Google's 0.03 seconds and Yahoo's 0.07 seconds, Bing was able to find "Coolbuster" in 0.02 seconds.

We also personally like the rotating images that serve as background of the search box. It's like roaming or touring around beautiful places in the world without actually being there.

Pretty cool huh? Now, let's start the first of the series of tweaks for Bing.

How to add Bing as browser search engine? Here are the simple and easy steps.

  • Open your Firefox.
  • In the address bar, type or just
  • At the upper right of Firefox there's a line that says "Add Bing to your browser", click it.
  • A small window will pop up asking you to add "Bing" to the list of engines available in the search bar. Depending on your preference, mark or unmark the 'Start using right away' box.
  • Click 'Add' and you're good to go.
Internet Explorer:
  • Open your IE
  • In the search bar, click the arrow down symbol right after the magnifying glass icon and select 'Find More Providers...'
  • You will be brought to the IE Add-ons Gallery under the Search Providers section.
  • Find 'Bing Search' and then click the 'Add to Internet Explorer' button.
  • To use it, click the arrow down symbol again and select Bing.
That's it. We hope this short tutorial is helpful.