How to activate (enable) iPhone 3G S internet tethering

One of the attractive features of the newly-released iPhone 3G S smartphone from Apple is internet tethering. Here's how to activate or enable it.

Internet tethering is the capability of the iPhone 3G S to share 3G connection with a Mac notebook or PC laptop., a website specifically designed to display and work for the iPhone, has its own Help Center which provides downloadable configuration settings for activating or enabling internet tethering. For example, when you go to its mobile configs page for US providers, you will see and can download the following config for the iPhone with an AT&T subscription.

iPhone Tethering
Not only that, there are also configs for activating Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS. Take a look.
  • iPhone MMSFor other tethering config settings, click this link.
  • For MMS activation, click this link.
Better yet, browse for the complete guide. Remember, choose very carefully the correct config for your provider in your country.