Smart MySandbox

First introduced to bloggers at the start of the year but reported to have failed due to usability issues, Smart's is now re-launched for a much wider target - the Smart cellphone users.

Smart, one of the nation's largest telecommunications companies, is now intensifying television advertisement placements for its newest product under its "Me na Me" campaign. As you can see on television ads, MySandbox will feature various contents from blogging on the go to social networking and many more, right in your cellphone.
MySandboxMySandbox is a one stop shop for all the contents and services you love to view and do on the internet such as:
  • Creating a profile and building a network of family members and friends.
  • Chatting.
  • Sending and receiving email.
  • Downloading music tracks and mobile games.
  • Uploading as well as viewing photos and videos online.
  • Watching popular tv shows and specials.
  • Writing or composing a blog.
  • Joining forum discussions.
MySandbox will surely spice up your web experience even when you are away from your computer. All those contents and services will be available on your Smart mobile phone at affordable prepaid and postpaid rates.

On the other hand, the tv commercial for MySandbox enjoins viewers to visit . We also found a link to the Terms of Use for MySandBox. If you are interested, you can find the sign-up page here.

As a Smart user for a long time, I am pretty much excited about this. Blogging and accessing social networks on the cellphone would be very cool!