How to cartoonize a photo

Cartoonizing your photo is cool especially if you don't want to use the real one as avatar in forums, social networks or blogs. We got a simple tutorial for that purpose.

How to make a cartoon image out of a photo?
  1. Go to There's NO registration or fee needed.
  2. Once there, click the 'Cartoonizer' button.
  3. Click 'Browse Files'.
  4. In your computer, click a photo to upload.
  5. Edit your image (rotate and/or crop) or just click Skip Editing to continue.
  6. (Optional) Click 'More options' If you want to adjust the Color Detail, Sketch Detail and/or Sketch Brightness and then click 'Apply' for the changes to take effect.
  7. Now, click 'Save' to save your cartoon image in your Desktop or Gallery.
  8. Click 'OK' to download your cartoonized image.
We have a couple of nice samples taken from the photos of Angel Locsin and Manny Pacquiao.


angel locsin

angel locsin cartoon

manny pacquiao

manny pacquiao cartoon