How to add a Sidebar Gadget in Windows 7

Unlike in Vista, the sidebar gadgets in Windows 7 are turned-off by default. Here's how to enable it and add your favorite gadgets.

The procedure:
  • Right-click an empty or blank space in your Desktop.
  • In the window panel, select Gadgets and another window will appear.
  • Click the line at the right bottom part of that window that says 'Get more gadgets online'.
  • You will be brought to a new page which is Windows 7 Desktop gadgets. There you will find themes, desktop backgrounds, desktop gadgets, as well as slideshow gadgets.
  • Choose a gadget that you like and click 'Download'.
  • Follow the instructions to install.
  • To put gadgets in the Sidebar, just drag them out of the panel and you're good to go.
  • To add more gadgets not found on the Desktop gadgets main gallery, click here.
sidebar gadgets
There you go.

We encourage you to download and install only those gadgets that are most useful to save on disk space.