Globe Bandwidth Cap Petition Online

There is an online petition demanding the removal of an alleged bandwidth cap imposed by Globe Telecom on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic.

Globe BroadbandThe petition, which started last week, stated the following instances:
Around the 3rd Week of May of the year 2009, Globe has implemented a mechanism that limits non HTTP traffic to a mere 20% of the total and actual available bandwidth. It is of strong evidence that Globe has initiated Traffic Shaping procedures possibly by the use of Deep Packet Inspection.
It also noted that DPI has caused the subscribers "a significant slowdown on various internet applications, namely but not limited to, Peer-to-Peer applications like BitTorrent, online gaming applications Garena and even FTP downloads."

The said petition purported that Globe has violated privacy issues by employing the DPI. "DPI goes beyond port and protocol blocking by including packet content analysis. This can be likened to the post office screening mail by looking inside of it instead of merely checking the addresses" the petition read.

As of the time of writing, there are 325 signatures endorsing the petition to remove the Globe Broadband traffic shaping.

In a related development, Globe Broadband has issued a statement through, denying that the company was implementing bandwidth cap, stating that that there was a "network activity" last May 15, which could explain the P2P traffic jam.

The statement added that the problem has been corrected and the connection will be back today May 19th, Tuesday.

Globe Broadband pointed out that it will evaluate its network infrastructure and "take appropriate actions" against subscribers who will be detected for bandwidth abuse, which could affect the quality of their services.

In case you wanted to sign the online petition, click here.