Yahoo! Mobile for Web (new Yahoo! Mobile Messenger) how to access

The common and old way to use Yahoo! Mobile Messenger is by typing on your mobile phone's browser. Now, Yahoo! released their new mobile offering called Yahoo! Mobile for Web in response to a global consumer demand.

The new release is set to cater the iPhone and Blackberry. The application is available at the iTunes App Store. But why spend if you can have the new Yahoo! Mobile for Web free of charge?

We have a original guide on how to access Yahoo! Mobile for Web, the new Yahoo! Mobile Messenger, for a faster and free mobile access as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Open your mobile phone's browser, preferably the latest version of Opera Mini which you can download from here.

2. In the address bar, type to go directly to the login page.

3. Login using your Yahoo! Username and Password. Enjoy chatting for free!
  • Option: To access other services called Yahoo! Everything, click here or type in your phone's web browser.
yahoo mobile messenger 1
yahoo mobile messenger 1