How to troubleshoot Zinmag Remedy 2.0 Blogger template

If you are using the Zinmag Remedy 2.0 Blogger template by FalconHive, you probably are experiencing a nightmare at this moment. Alvaris Falcon of had notified template users that the JavaScript file hosting will be stopped by 10 April 2009.

In effect, the template's best features like the Carousel (Glider, Slider) and Tabber will stop working too.

  • You will definitely see your site looking bad with long scroll bars at the side and on the lower part where the Carousel should be in place.
  • The tabber is nowhere to be found.
Here are a few easy steps to troubleshoot Zinmag Remedy 2.0.

1. Download and unzip the JavaScript file from
2. Create an account with The free 1GB file hosting is more than enough.

3. Upload the four (4) JavaScript files from the js folder you have downloaded from step 1.

4. Copy the links to the js files and paste in notepad. The js files links will look like the following:]jquery_3.js]glide_3.js]tabber_1.js]slider_1.js
5. Login to your Blogger account and in your Dashboard go to 'Layout'.

6. Select 'HTML' and find the code ]]></b:skin> using Ctrl+F.

7. Below it, replace the following links in red with your js files links.
8. Save your template and you're good to go.

cbonlineIn case you would like to see proof, visit my Coolbuster Online blog with Zinmag Remedy 2.0 in action.

Update: There seems to be a problem with with regards to hosting of the js files. The alternate site is which allows 50MB free file hosting. Just don't forget to login every 30 days so your files don't get deleted.

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