How to backup your installed drivers

Note: This is a guest blog by Alma Cafe of "Reach Beyond Your Limits", the newest member of Coolbuster and Partners.

If our computer gets in trouble and could no longer figure out the problem, we always resort to reformatting. Can you imagine the long process of installing the drivers all over again?

I came across this site that gave me an idea on how to backup your installed drivers and use it to troubleshoot driver problems. This backup will be very useful when you reformat your computer.

There is no need to search the drivers from the internet or the drivers CD, just import the backup and within five minutes, you will complete the installation process.

To do the whole process, we will use a simple tool called DriverMax. This tool can easily export the backup of any specific or all drivers and then import it for re-installation later or elsewhere. You can download (with free registration code) this tool for windows XP and Vista.

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