Fasterfox for Firefox 3 download

Fasterfox is one of the must-have Firefox extensions. Download this add-on for a better and faster Firefox 3. There is no available Fasterfox version compatible to Firefox 3 in the official Firefox add-ons site. So I searched the web and got one that works.

For security purposes, I tested the add-on myself and found out that it is safe and effective.

Download Fasterfox for Firefox 3

  • Open Firefox 3
  • Go to Tools > Add-ons
  • Drag and drop the Fasterfox file in the Add-ons box.
  • Restart Firefox and you're done.
If you are familiar with software modification, in other words "tweaking", the reason behind Fasterfox's enhanced compatibility with Firefox 3 and even future higher versions is pretty simple. It is the modifide install.rdf file, a part of which will look like the following when viewed in Wordpad:
The maximum version is now "5.0.0.*", which means that even if Firefox already has version 5.0 or higher, Fasterfox will still run on it.

For bloggers and webmasters, Fasterfox is an essential extension that can determine page load time. Ordinary users, on the other hand, can take advantage of its Firefox 3 tweaking capabilities.