WinPatrol 2009 Download

BillP Studios releases WinPatrol 2009, an awesome free tool that offers very powerful system protection. Now, it's even better and more effective!

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What's new with WinPatrol 2009?
  • New "Recent" tab lets you see new programs and settings recently added to your computer.
  • Especially helpful in finding malware that comes with multiple randomly named files
  • Increased background performance and reduce conflicts with other programs.
  • Compatability enhancements to work with Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Monitors and alerts to any changes to User Account Control Settings(UAC)
  • Just like the monitoring your Auto Update settings, these are changes you'll want to know about.
  • Continues to have the best performance and smallest foot print of any system monitor
  • Hides individual alert messages and lock settings to prevent potential errors by other computer users.
Changes and Improvements
  • Recently Detected List
  • Fixed truncation and missing international text
  • Works with Windows 7
  • Hide Alerts
Better Quality, Better Performance
  • The smallest footprint of any system monitor able to prevent critical system changes without impacting normal system performance
  • Clean up crapware that populates the Autorun/Startup list
  • Malware Clean up and Removal
  • PLUS Info lets users know the purpose of a file and if it’s really necessary
What's more? WinPatrol 2009 is NOT
  1. Likely to conflict with other security programs you rely on.
  2. A huge drain on your system resources or performance.
  3. A yearly subscription or program only designed to help if you pay to upgrade.
  4. A signature based system that relies on already identified threats.
  5. A program that will update itself automatically without your knowledge.
  6. Going to connect to the internet unless you explicitly request info.
  7. Going to install any addition crap or toolbars on your system.
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