Special request from the Author

Coolbuster is requesting a little favor from you our dear readers. Please read on.

Photos of the children of my sister Ma. Teresa Tan, a caring and loving mother, are finalists of MomCentre Philippines "Pic of the Week Contest".

The Pic of the Week is the latest, more fun and exciting competition that brings out creativity and ingenuity of MomCentre members. The Pic of the Week winner will be the photo with the most number of votes. Winner will receive a prize depending on the featured sponsor of the week.

I have submitted at MomCentre the following photos which are being published for voting now.

Niña Tan

We took this picture last December 2008 when she was still two years old. Niña, my niece, is a superkid. She is smart, witty and can talk english even with people much older than her. Other kids get shy when talking to her because she converses like a matured person. She likes to sing, dance, play and smile all the time.

To vote for Niña Tan (Children Category) CLICK HERE

Ziegfred Tan

Ziegfred is my nephew. We took this picture in October 2008 during a family gathering. Ziegfred is a baby with a happy disposition. He can already utter the words "mama" and "papa" at the age of one (1). He smiles all the time and touches everybody's faces everytime we kiss him. Look at how cute he is.

To vote for Ziegfred Tan (Baby Category) CLICK HERE

Both kids are deserving to win the contest, don't you think so? Please vote for them twice everyday until next Monday, 16th March (MNL time).

Thank you so much for voting.