Sore eyes tips how to prevent and treat

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It's summer once again! One of the most common eye problems people are facing at this time of the year is sore eyes. What is it? How can we prevent and treat sore eyes? Here are a few tips.

First, we have to know what a Sore Eyes is. "Sore eyes" is a common term for an inflammation of the thin covering of the eyeball and the inner eyelid brought about by a viral infection which may be highly contagious. Sore eyes can spread by contact of contaminated hands with the eyes (hand to eye contact ) or through touching of eyes with hands which got into contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. It can also spread through droplets from a person with sore eyes who also has a runny nose or cough.

How to prevent sore eyes?
  1. Wash hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Do not touch your eyes and face without washing your hands.
  3. Do not share towels, eyeglasses/ shades and make up.
  4. Do not reuse handkerchiefs (using a tissue is best).
  5. Used make-up must be thrown away if the patient has been diagnosed with infectious conjunctivitis.
  6. Be careful that tips of eye drops or ointments do not touch the eyes or eyelashes. .
  7. Don’t swim (some bacteria and viruses can be spread in the water).
  8. Avoid shaking hands.
  9. Disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, counters, elevator buttons, hand rails with dilute bleach solution.
  10. Clothes, towels, pillow cases and anything else which may have come in contact with an infected person should be washed.
How to treat sore eyes?
  1. Frequently wash hands with soap and water.
  2. Use clean tissue to remove discharge from eyes and wash hands afterwards.
  3. Dispose used tissue in garbage bins. If the latter is not available, keep tissue in a small plastic bag then discard it as soon as you find a garbage bin.
  4. To prevent irritation of the eye and possible scarring, do not use contact lens while one has sore eyes.
  5. Do not wear eye make-up until the problem has been resolved.
  6. Warm compress may be helpful to relieve discomfort and remove "crust".
  7. Use antibiotic or antiviral medication only upon prescription by the doctor .
  8. If drops or an ointment is prescribed, the applicator tip and infected eye must never come in contact with each other.
  9. Especially for persons with sore eyes with runny nose or cough, stay in a separate room or away from other family members or co-workers.
Treat sore eyes the natural and conventional way:
  1. Apply a poultice made from raw grated apples.
  2. Apply a slice of cucumber over each eye for 30 minutes.
  3. Keep washing your eyes so as to keep them clean.
  4. Along with water, wash your eyes with warm milk.
  5. Infusion of a plantain can be used as eyewash.
  6. Cotton balls dipped in rosewater can also be effectively placed over the eyes for effective and natural treatment of sore eyes.
  7. Try putting some salt in boiled, cooled water. Dip some cotton balls in it. Then you need to close your eyes and place the salted cotton balls on top of your infected eye for immediate relief. Remain in this position for about 5 minutes.
  8. Castor oil can provide relief and a soothing effect to irritated and sore eyes.
  9. Make some healthy changes in your diet too as healthy diet is a way towards healthy life.
  10. Eat more of omega-3 fatty acid.
  11. Get some adequate sleep so that your eyes get adequate time and relaxation for rejuvenation.