Developed by Marco Allam a.k.a. T68KV of Tipid PC's Virus and Spyware Removal Team (VSRT), QuickSMASH is a powerful batch file removal tool that will help you remove malwares with multiple files or processes.

QuickSMASH can be used to automatically remove malwares like Project1, Cool USEP Scandal and Antivirus 2009, among others.

Publisher Product Description:
  • Fast And Lightweight
  • Able to Remove On Removable Drives
  • More Advance Detection And Deletion Compare To Standalone Batch File Removal.
  • Anti-Shutdown Protection While Running THe Program
  • Registry Critical Entries Override Protection
  • Update Definition
  • Update Program Notice. Redirection To Downloading Site.
  • Unload Process Then Delete
  • Pro-active Malware Checker
  • Able to delete on reboot.
  • Registry Entry Delete.
  • Log File Will Open Before the End Of Program.
  • Include Hijackthislog Program.
Download the latest QuickSMASH version from this link (1.9 MB) or here. We support this project. Try QuickSMASH now!