How to stop Smart text alerts

Smart uses SMS Broadcast for various promotional offers on products, services, mobile games, ring tones, and mp3 music among others. It is commonly known as "Text Alerts". Text alerts are informative but most of the time are unsolicited and the frequency is annoying that you wanted to stop it from being sent to your cellphones. How? We have a guide.

This is based on personal experience. Recently, Smart sent text alerts to my cellphone eight times, more or less, a day. Aside from what is stated above, I do not know other reasons why those text alerts were sent. I cannot remember joining any text-based promotional contest whatsoever. These text alerts occupy my inbox and its annoying to delete one by one.

At the end of every text alert there is a notice that reads "Stop? ALERTS OFF to 211" or a similar 3 or 4-digit number. Tired of turning it off apiece so I thought of a possible way to do it at once. I called Smart's Customer Care Service and did successfully as planned. I will share to you now these simple steps to stop Smart text alerts from being sent to your cellphone.

1. On your Smart cellphone, call *888 (asterisk 888). It is free of charge.

2. Press 0 (zero) to talk to a Customer Service Representative. Be patient because this will take 2-3 minutes.

3. When a CSR answers your call, make a request that the text alerts be stopped from being sent to your cellphone because you are annoyed or simply, you don't like it. (The freedom of choice is a basic right.)

4. CSR will ask your cellphone number, your location, as well as the numbers sending you the text alerts and how frequent the text alerts are sent in a day. Just simply reply with the details and the frequency as "many".

5. Afterwhich, the CSR will request to put you on hold for 2-3 minutes while making a report.

6. Then the CSR will give you a "report number". Take note of that number, which is composed of 9 digits. It will serve as your reference number when making a follow-up request just in case the text alerts will still be sent to your cellphone.

After about 8-10 hours, you will receive from 'CustCare' a text message as follows: "Your request for SMART SMS broadcast exclusion has already been processed. Thank you". The day after, you will observe that text alerts are sent no more to your cellphone.

By the way, I have noticed that Smart had already improved its Customer Care Service. Kudos to them.