How to make mobile internet faster

Hello boys and girls! It's me again. I apologize for not posting in the last few months. I am kind of busy traveling around asia for business. Nevertheless, here I am again bringing you a tip. This time, it's a guide on how to make your mobile internet faster.

I found the steps for Option number 1 at the OpenDNS website. Thank you guys at OpenDNS. Now let me share to you.

Option 1: Use OpenDNS for Nokia S60 series mobile phones
  • Make sure the phone isn't connected via GPRS already.
  • Go to Tools > Connection > Access point
  • Select your Access point and press Options > Edit.
  • Press Options again and select Advanced Settings.
  • Go to DNS address and select Options > Change
  • Enter OpenDNS addresses in Primary DNS and Secondary DNS fields and then click OK.
  • Please write down your current DNS settings before switching to OpenDNS, just in case you want to return to your old settings for any reason.
  • The OpenDNS addresses are:
    • (Primary)
    • (Secondary)
Option 2: Edit the registry of Motorola Q smartphones
  • Using your regitry editor, edit this registry key:
    • HKEY_local_machine\Comm\Cellular Line\Parms\TcpIp\DNS
  • Default values are:
  • Change them to OpenDNS:

Option 3: Use SetOpenDNS
  • Install the SetOpenDNS program. It will change the DNS entries on your phone.
  • Run the executable. If your DNS entries revert to the default settings on your phone, run the program again.
  • SetOpenDNS will automaticaly rout you through servers resulting in faster mobile internet surfing.
  • You can download SetOpenDNS from and
Option 4: Use Opera Mini mobile web browser
  • To download through your mobile phone using the following method.
    • Using your phones default browser, go to web address:
    • Follow simple on-screen download instructions.
    • After the download, locate Opera Mini on your phone among other Java applications and start enjoying the blazing-fast mobile Web.
There you go boys and girls. I hope you enjoyed following the steps. Alright! So until then, this has been Spicy Sugar... cheers! =) =) =)