FREE assistance to new bloggers

You read it right. I am offering assistance to new Blogger bloggers only, commonly called newbies, for FREE. Starting 18th of March, I will offer free search engine optimization (SEO) tips and tricks, layout theme template recommendations, template code fixes and theme design and colors to fit your blogging style.

All you have to do are the following:
1. Leave a comment on this post stating your intention to avail of the free offer;
2. Post your name;
3. Post a link to your blog and how long has it been online.

I will be choosing one lucky blog once every two weeks, that's a total of two blogs a month, that can avail of the free assistance as mentioned. The selection process will be done through I will be the one to contact you, preferably on a weekend as I have a regular job during workdays.

Let me reiterate that this offer is free but for newbies only. Also, I will appreciate a link to this blog in your blog, but on a non-compulsory basis, okay? So what are your waiting for, start now!