Blogging Tip BX Error Code how to fix

Every blogger may have experienced getting a BX Error code. It happens when there is a problem in a code of a template or of a widget in a template that is being uploaded. There's a simple solution.

1. If you are not that good in tweaking a template, do not alter the codes. Most templates are already tested, published and have been proven to work.

2. Same thing with widgets, do not alter the code if you are unsure of what you're doing.

3. There must be a reason, but Firefox seems to be the most friendly among browsers when it comes to template uploading. If you get BX Error codes continuously, use Firefox.
  • Go to Tools > Clear Private Data > mark / check the Cache, Cookies and Offline Website Data boxes > click Clear Private Data Now
4. Better yet, use CCleaner for a more efficient data cleaning.