San Miguel Corp. to open thousands of jobs for Filipinos

San Miguel Corporation, one of Asia's largest companies, will be offering thousands of jobs to Filipinos, particularly those affected by the global financial crisis. This is a report on television and Coolbuster » The Power of Information welcomes this positive development.

Not only we are thankful to SMC, we also express gratitude to Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who personally knocked the company's doors and urged its officials to cause the opening of job employment opportunities for our countrymen.

According to the tv news report, SMC is planning to put up companies to supply water, electricity and broadband internet among others, in addition to their current beverages and food products ventures.

A company official admitted that SMC is also affected by the global financial crisis. However, they were glad in telling the President that they are not implementing lay-offs. That's good news. And for us, there is no better news than good news.

What's your viewpoint on this?