Philippine solons push for free text and no expiration of cellphone loads

A group of solons in Philippine congress is pushing for free text and no expiration of cellphone loads. This, according to a television report, is the hottest discussion in the communications committee level. We pray that this bill will prosper for the benefit of cellphone users all over the country.

If that happens, texts on the same network will be availabe for free and the expiration of cellphone loads will be scrapped. A dream come true for us? We're afraid not, well at least for now while it is being discussed at the lower house.

Telecommunication companies say it is not possible. Offering free texts, according to them, will fuel text scams and other illegal activities via texts. They also pointed out that the large amount of data being transferred due to excessive free text usage will cause the network to collapse due to congestion.

Well, whatever the outcome of the proposed bill is, we hope both parties will come up with something that is acceptable and beneficial to the general public.