How to avoid or remove huelar.exe virus (worm)

Experience tells me that the huelar.exe virus is the most dangerous virus I have ever encountered. Like the other common viruses these days, huelar.exe virus spreads through USB flash drives. It will cause the worst things in a computer that an ordinary user would think it's the end of the world.

What huelar.exe virus does:

1. It creates the following hidden files and folders in your flash drive. Even if the "Show hidden files and folders" is checked in Folder Options, these files are still hidden.
  • "My Sexy Photos" folder
  • x64console.exe autorun file - worm
  • Folder.htt autorun file - worm
  • console.exe - autorun file - worm
  • huelar.exe
  • boot.exe - Win32/Alman.NAB - virus
These files are shown if the "Show hidden files and folders" is checked in Folder Options.
  • A copy of "My Sexy Photos" folder
  • Autorun.inf
2. Once a computer is infected:
  • The worm spreads very fast through the local area network (LAN) and sends Autorun.inf in every computer connected to the network.
  • It will change Internet Explorer's default page to which is a porn website.
  • It creates the huelar.exe, winlogos.exe and huelarkill.exe folders in the Windows system files directory.
  • It creates a copy of your files and folders and converts them into executables. Once a folder or file is clicked, it will create another copy of the virus, making it very hard to remove.
These are the worst manifestations:
  • It kills all executable files in effect disabling almost all programs to run in your pc, most especially anti-virus, anti-spyware and other system protection programs and including HiJackThis.
  • It hides all your document files and folders which makes you think that the same were already deleted.
  • It will disable Task Manager, Run, RegEdit and Folder Options.
  • It still executes even if computer is running in Safe Mode.
A) What to do to avoid Huelaer.exe Virus and the damage it will make:
  • Disable autorun.
  • Install Eset NOD32 (updated), HijackThis, WinPatrol 2008, and Remove Restrictions Tool.
  • Move your "My Documents" folder into another partition. This is very important.
  • Turn-off System Restore.
B) What to do if pc is already infected:
  • I have tried all possible means to combat this virus but once it infects a computer, it will stay there because everytime you click a shortcut or a folder, even in Start Menu, the virus will be reinstalled. There is only one option, unfortunately, to remove it completely, and that is to reformat. So, while your computer is not infected yet. Do those things as stipulated in "A".
  • After reformatting and a fresh installation of your operating system, install Eset NOD32 immediately and scan ALL partitions. Do not attempt to click any, and I mean any, file or folder in any partition. As the original files and folders were hidden by the virus, only the infected ones (copies) will be shown and clicking on them will automatically install the virus., which means that you have to reformat again by a single mistake. This is very annoying, isn't it?
  • Okay, scan twice to make sure there is no infected file or folder left.
  • After which, make the hidden files and folders (the originals) shown by opening My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files and folders.
  • Unhide the files and folders: right-click > Properties > Uncheck Hidden.
  • Run CCleaner thereafter to clean file fragments and crap files.

Update: Download these files to remove Huelar Virus and to show the files hidden by the virus.