Durex Condom Testers Wanted

Are you a happily-married Filipino couple, aged twenty-one to thirty-five years old, from Luzon in the Philippines, and willing to participate in a condom test? Then, you might be one of the five hundred condom testers a condom company is looking for.

SSL Internaltional / Getz Bros. Phils. Inc., through a company officer, explained in a television interview that while the campaign's objective is to know what variants will the testers like and probably will buy again, it does not promote sex. "We respect every person's right to choose" the promoter said. As one of the requirements, the testers will need to give the best answer to the question "What makes me the best Durex Condom Tester?

What is at stake? A whopping PhP50,000 cash, together with free products from Durex.

We are not promoting nor endorsing it and not in any way connected with the company. Our sole intention is to provide information as to what alternative income sources our countrymen, most particularly and exclusively married Filipino couples for the matter, can avail in the midst of economic challenges. If you meet the requirements, why not join, right?

The campaign is dubbed as "Dream Job". Recruitment and application period started last January 25 and will run up to February 25, 2009. Testing period for the chosen applicants will run from March 30 up to April 24, 2009. Deadline for submission of accomplished online feedback form will be on May 10,2009.

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