Busy Friday

Friday, a busy day for me. There are plenty of things, personally and professionally, which I will be doing until the day ends.

I woke up at 6AM. After a personal hygiene routine, the next thing I did is to open my computer to check emails, statistics and comments in my blogs, and a lot more relative to blogging. I dedicated most of my time in dropping Entrecards. For more than an hour, I dropped more than two hundred (200) cards and read my favorite sites.

At 8AM later, I will be reporting to work. Cleaning the mess which the huelar.exe virus left in one of our computers will consume an hour, basically, I will be cleaning up the crap and unwanted files and install softwares for security and protection of our files. After which, I will have to draft and email some memorandum, resolutions, ordinances and policy related documents for my boss who is a local government official in my place.

A couple of hours before noontime, I will be going to a government office to install operating systems for three brand new computers which they bought two weeks ago. Before buying, they consulted me for the specifications. They bought all the specs exactly as prescribed. Three computer installations would probably take my whole afternoon.

My last scheduled task for today will be the most exciting, I will be sitting-in as a radio disc jockey (DJ) of a new FM station. This radio station is owned by a big nationwide radio network of catholic media broadcasters. Right now it is on a test broadcast until the formal launching on 19th March 2009. I play a wide variety of songs from the oldies up to the latest hits of today. This will end at 9PM tonight.

After the radio, I will probably be tired, will go home and sleep. A busy Friday indeed.