Blogging + Text? Sounds like a good idea

I was bloghopping today when I happened to read a topic about combining chatting and blogging. It got my interest so I posted a comment that goes something like this: It is one good idea. How about Blogging + SMS? When you blog, the title of your post plus a line of description or a summary of your post will be sent to your subscribers via text. You get a fraction of the cost as commission from the cellphone service provider. Sounds like a fresh and good idea.

In my own estimate, 2 out of 10 humans have blogs these days. When you open your browser and search for something, there are times that blogs come out on top of bigger websites in search results. If you try to check social networks like Twitter and Facebook, a big percentage of bloggers is its composition.

If a cellular phone service provider will grab my idea, I bet that telco will earn instantly. It will just have to ensure that the charges are reasonable, and I will be hired! (Just kidding, hmmm.)

Would you like me to suggest a name? "BlogText" or "B-TXT" will be fine. You can improve it! What do you think?