Avoid Email Fraud with Google Translate

I opened my email this morning and was surprised to read an unusual email. What was unusual was, the email has been written in Spanish. It was the first time that I received an email in Spanish. I suspected it as a fraud so I decided to use the Google Translate service. And thank you Google, I have avoided to become victim of another email fraud.

The email was sent by a certain Caja Madrid (cliente@cajamadrid.es) and it goes exactly this way:
Notificamos que su Servicio en lonea se ha suspendido temporalmente debido a intentos fallidos de accesos a su cuenta en lonea.

Como medida de seguridad hemos decidido desactivar su cuenta temporalmente , este incidente puede deberse a que realizo intentos de acceso a su cuenta desde otra direccion IP debido a el sistema dinomico que utilizan los proveedores de Internet.

Para asegurarnos de su autenticidad rogamos reactivar su cuenta desde el siguiente enlace el cual presentamos seleccionando el tipo de cuenta manejado :


Aviso Importante : Le aconsejamos terminantemente realizar el servicio de activaci?n haciendo clic en el enlace correspondiente en un plazo no mayor a 24 horas para no ser suspendido su servicio de banca en l?nea.


Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de Madrid, CAJA MADRID, C.I.F. G-28029007, Plaza de Celenque, 2. 28013 Madrid.
© Caja Madrid. 2001 - 2009. Spain. All rights reserved.
Google Translate translated the message in English, as follows:
Note that in his lone Service has been temporarily suspended due to failed attempts to access your account lone.

As a security measure we have decided to temporarily disable your account, this incident may be that I make attempts to access your account from another IP address because the system dinomico used by Internet providers.

To ensure authenticity, please reactivate your account from the link below and selecting which has handled the account type:


Important Notice: We advise you to strictly carry out the service activaci? N click on the link for a period not exceeding 24 hours to avoid being suspended its banking service in l? Nea.


Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de Madrid, CAJA MADRID, CIF G-28029007, Plaza de Celenque, 2. 28013 Madrid. © Caja Madrid. 2001 to 2009. Spain. All rights reserved.
It obviously is another email fraud. I can't remember dealing or transacting with such a bank. either in person or in the web. Well, the bank could be legitimate (?) but who knows it is being used by unscrupulous individuals or organizations to hide their evil deeds. Let the authorities know.

Have you received this email or a similar kind lately? Use Google Translate.