Ink Saving Tip: Modify Your Printer

The office I am working at practices/implements austerity measures to curb expenses on supplies and maintenance and other operating expenditures. Two of our goals are to save printer ink and maximize utilization of printers.

Finding the objective laudable and will surely help the government cut unnecessary or excessive but avoidable expenses, we looked for ways to save on ink.

I have read from a local paper about this store that specializes on printer modification and so we bought one from them for trial purposes. For a low price, we got a modified Canon IP1900 with a free modified full ink cartridge. The refill is affordable too.

Continuous Ink Flow
Continuous Ink Flow
We connected the printer to all our computers via Local Area Network (LAN).

Lots of photos and office documents were printed to test its durability, reliability and cost efficiency before acquiring more printers. Our observation is that printouts on this one have trippled compared to our previous printers; so far so good.

There are lots of dealers out there that sell modified printers, we encourage you to get one to save on ink.