Blog Catalog Servers Overloaded

I got notifications a couple of times today upon signing-in on Blog Catalog. The webpage tells me that BC servers are overloaded. Check out the screenie after the jump.

Blog Catalog is a social blogger community and blog directory for which I am a member since last year. I became witness to this growing bloggers community along with the wonderful and informative discussions being done on site.

Blog Catalog has brought me wonderful experiences. As a blogger, it is important to learn the techniques and tricks to improve my blog and BC is a great help. Also, I am able to meet new friends in BC. In fact one of them has made this blog a nicely designed header logo.

And because the numbers are growing, the servers cannot handle the demand at this time. I hope they will fix this downtime soonest so bloggers can enjoy the discussions, at the same time learn, as what has always been happening in Blog Catalog.