YuoTube Virus (?) spreading thru Friendster

Before you proceed reading this post, take a look once again at the arrangement of letters in the title.

The wrongly spelled YuoTube was intentional. Yes, because that is exactly the page where you will be brought to upon clicking a link in a friend's message in Friendster. We know not how long this has been going on, but we have discovered just this morning that a variant of virus, worm to be exact, is spreading through Friendster.

When you see a friend's message like "YAYYYY", "WOWWW", "HOOOO" or similar shouts and there is nothing in it except a link, beware. Do not click the link because you will automatically download the virus.

We were so lucky to have the best and most effective anti-virus / anti-spyware software installed in our system. Our computer remained clean and safe. If not, we could have a computer problem.

We hope that the Friendster or YouTube admin people are already aware of this and will eventually totaly eliminate this virus dominatting Friendster messages.

Take a look at the screenshots that support the premise.

To defeat this virus and all other threats, install Eset NOD32. The 30-day trial version is available for download here.