Taiwan - Next to get unlocked iPhone 3Gs

Betanews reported earlier that the next country to get unlocked iPhone 3Gs is Taiwan. A telecommunications company there is having talks to seal a deal with Apple, the iPhone's rights owner and creator.

The full story below:
As far back as last year, Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom said it was in the process of making an exclusive deal with Apple to deliver the iPhone 3G to the East Asian island. Over the weekend, the deal became official.

Prior to the device's Taiwan launch, CHT representatives said the iPhone 3G would only work on CHT's 3G network. But according to new reports, the device actually launched unlocked, with the ability to assign networks via SIM card.
Apparently the only thing missing from the devices when switched to another network is CHT's Hami platform, an iPhone-optimized service package that includes news, weather, stock quotes, horoscopes and viral video content.

This is not the first time the iPhone 3G has been made available unlocked in East Asia. In September, Apple made the devices available directly from its online store, where users could choose their carrier. There, they cost HK$ 5,400 ($694.75) for the 8 GB model and HK$ 6,200 ($797.65) for the 16 GB.

As it happens with most unlocked devices, Chunghwa's iPhone 3Gs carry an inflated price, even more inflated than Hong Kong's. An 8 GB model costs around $800, and a 16 GB model costs just around $900.
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Well, that is good news for the Taiwanese people, iPhone fanatics in that country in particular.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, there are already iPhones being seen around. These units usually come from overseas filipino workers or relatives living abroad sent to their loved ones here. There are also balikbayans who brought with them several units, some of it sold or given either as gift or pasalubong.

I myself met a teenager, during my application for a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Davao City a month ago, who uses an iPhone. I was so curious so I approached her to ask how her iPhone is doing. She said that her unit is fast and has many features fit for a tech savvy person.

I asked her how she got her iPhone and made it open-line. She told me that her unit was sent by her grandmother who lives in China. She continued saying that a cellphone technician (who secretly memorized her number, lol!) was able to unlock it using codes.

That time, I already thought of finding a software program to unlock an iPhone. Here's what I found, likewise this video on how to unlock an iPhone.