Survival 101: Get Rid of Any Kind of Virus

There isn't such a thing as a virus-free network. Seventy five percent (75%) of all personal computers in the world have viruses, and ninety percent (90%) of that fraction belongs to the home sector.

But how and why do home users get viruses at such a fast rate, that they can't even begin to obliterate every kind of malware? How would YOU, as a home user, defend yourself from these threats, as the dawn of 2009 is near? All these after the jump.

It's true folks, the information superhighway is infested with flesh corrupting security threats. Here and there -- virus everywhere. But how do they travel to and fro home PC's that don't even have access to the internet? The answer is simple: flashdrives. Flashdrives (or commonly called USBs) are the most vulnerable gateway of viruses.

The plot: You plug your flashdrive in an infected system (whether at work, school, or at the local cybercafe) > download some files > plug in your system at home > upload the files. Usually, you wouldn't even recognize the symptoms until your system slows down, and the Windows interface begins to malfunction. Shady alerts here and there, programs won't start here, system hangs there.

The solution is a free antimalware program that has been unacknowledged and overlooked for the past few years. I present to you Malware Bytes' Anti-Malware.

Malware Bytes' Anti-Malware (let's call it MBAM) is a free antimalware solution designed for a fast performance and streamlined scanning. It features a unique heuristics engine, which goes through running processes, registry keys, system files, and boot sectors at a very quick rate; after which it will ask the user to reboot while it works in the background. After the system restart, you will be assured of a clean and working PC.

Below are the steps on using MBAM, call it a first-timer's guide:
  1. Download MBAM from
  2. Fire up the installer, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. After the installation, launch MBAM. You should be greeted with a screen similar to the one below:

  • If you would like to do full-system scan, choose the 'Perform Full Scan' option. If you want a fast and hassle-free scan instead, choose 'Perform Quick Scan'. Click 'Scan'. You would see a screen similar to this:

  • Wait for the scan to finish. In case no virus is found, you will be presented with a screen like this:
  • Or, if a virus is found, one like this:

  • Click on 'Show Results':
  • In my case, MBAM found two (2) instances of Trojan.FakeAlert. Just click 'Remove Selected', restart your PC, and you are assured of a clean and productive workplace.
We would recommend doing this procedure at least twice a month (or when a symptom is felt).

This removal procedure applies to all viruses listed on CoolBuster's Latest Threats, and many other variants. In case you think that all you need is a quick spin, try applying my virus removal code snippet, or CoolBuster's USB Virus Removal.

Written by: Francis Panganiban