Search Rapidshare Files in Firefox

You don't have to download a software. You don't need to go to Rapidshare either because in the first place, Rapidshare does not have a search form.

In this guide, we will teach you how to put an add-on for you to be able to search Rapidshare files right in your Firefox browser.

How to:

1. We have not tested this on Firefox 3 so we will use Firefox 2. Open Firefox 2.

2. Go to Rapidshare Search Engine.

3. Below the "Search" button you will find the "Install search plugin web" link. Click it.

4. A notification will show. Mark/check the "Start using it right away" box and then click "Add". The plugin will be added to your Firefox browser automatically.

5. Type your desired Rapidshare file name and hit enter. You will be brought to the search results page.


Enjoy searching!