Philippine malls extend shopping hours

Starting this week, majority of malls in the Philippines will extend shopping hours. This is what I got in a television report early tonight.

In time for the holiday season, shopping hours will be extended up to twelve midnight, the television interview with a mall manager revealed.

Aside from SM Mall of Asia, Robinson's was also mentioned along with other shopping malls to offer extended hours for their customers as the Christmas and new year celebrations are fast approaching.

Many shoppers welcome this development. One said in the interview that she is glad to have more time to shop and stay at the mall at night after work. She does not have anything to do at home anyway so she prefers to stroll at the mall even without enough money to spend.

Inside the mall, the airconditioner is free, you get to see different types of people and various items are displayed as well, which make us temporarily forget life's downsides. For some, malling is their way of relieving self from stress caused by work. Not only that, you will also have a chance to discover business opportunities. All you have to do is befriend the sales people of the stalls to get some ideas.

On the other hand, the extended mall hours clearly indicates that Filipinos are not really affected by the global economic crisis. The malls' management people believe this, the main reason why they offer longer mall hours.

I say that is true. In fact, malls in Davao hold midnight sale activities whenever there is an occasion, big or not. The recent was the thanksgiving day sale last 27-28th November at SM. More will be coming up especially during Christmas when shoppers have much spending power due to bonuses and cash gifts.