Christmas Wish List

Christmas is fast approaching; it's in the air. Christmas carols are being played on the radio. Television networks are already airing shows and advertisements that are made for the holiday season. As to year-end bonuses, government offices have released, some private entities did, others will have to wait until a few days towards the 25th to give cash gifts to employees.

To feel the spirit of Christmas, my mom installed at home a tall Christmas tree with colorful surrounding lights. The Christmas tree is new since the old one was passed on to my sister who lives with her own family miles away from us. Mom bought new blinking "rice" lights, the old ones were also recycled. She replaced the defective bulbs so the others will continue to work, which indicates her sense of practicality when it comes to spending during the holidays.

While family members were busy decorating every corner of our house with nice stuff, I was busy writing my wish list in the computer. The items in my wish list reached by as many as thirty but what I am going to post here are only five that are related to our main topic. In short, this a list of appliance, gadget, computer or internet stuff.

My wish list includes:
  • Apple iPhone 3G phone - There was a question in Blog Catalog this morning asking what would the readers want to have for Christmas. I replied that I wanted an iPhone. That reply ended with another question: "Does anyone here want to play Santa?" Unfortunately, no one answered! (Siguro sa isip nila sinasabi, ano ka sine-swerte?) Haha. The iPhone is my current dream phone. My sister who works in Qatar has it and I envy her. She is probably using it now. Oh wow, I need twenty five to thirty thousand pesos (I guess) to have one. For now, I will have to be contented staring at this photo.
  • Apple Mac Air - My former boss said he's going to buy one. I jokingly asked him a few months ago to make a purchase for two units. He just smiled. Well, knowing the demands for Mac Air and the cost involved, it will be impossible for him to avail of a buy one take one promo just to accomodate my request, isn't it? Whew! Look at this wonderful creation!

  • PLDT MyDSL Xcel package - With a stable speed of 3.0 Mbps, I can play Freestyle anytime I want with no lags. I can update and improve my blogs faster and as frequent as I can. I can also connect to friends and relatives abroad more easily using a connection this fast. I have read in forum threads that there is a 5Mbps package offered by PLDT. Since I am only using a single PC at home for my internet activities, a 3 Mbps connection would be enough.

  • High-Definition Television (HDTV) - I will not mind what brand it is as long as its HDTV. Yeah! That is where I will watch together with my family all of my favorite movies and cable tv shows. In the stainless metal with fiber glass table is where I will display it as our home's center of attraction, just like what is shown in the images. Isn't it great to look at?

And last but not the least,
  • Touch screen computer with pre installed Microsoft Windows 7 - Oh I would love to test the new Windows 7, Microsoft's next operating system after Vista, in a touch screen computer. I wish I could use this new technology that is foreseen to change our every day computing experience. Since elementary years, one of my dreams is to become a beta tester of gadgets, computers and softwares. When I was a kid, I used to open with a screw driver our cassette players, family computer and the tapes thinking that I can learn something from it. There was even a time I got electrocuted when I opened the back panel of our black and white television set (that time the only word that I have uttered was "Mama!" lol). It was both scary and funny but a good learning experience.

There go five items which are in my wish list this Christmas.

I am quite sure you too have one if not a few more. If nothing yet, try to make a list of your own and state the reasons why it's in the list. You can post it here by commenting. Come on don't hesitate. Let us know what you have in mind.