Latest Threats

To keep everyone updated, we are posting a list of the latest virus, spyware and security threats. There are currently no major risk alerts.

That is good news.

So far, infections by malwares from emails, Yahoo and MSN messengers and universal serial bus (usb) flash drives, such as the Long Live Sowar, Brontok and Password Viewer viruses, among others, have been either contained in a secure level or minimized if not totally eliminated.

This only tells us one thing, anti-malware products have improved in terms of effectivity and efficiency. Here's the list:

Malware name | Risk Rating
  • troj drop.bp | low
  • troj pidiefx.b | low
  • osx rsplug.a | low
  • bkdr agent.cazz | low
  • worm | low
  • worm autorun.jj | low
  • troj ransom.a | low
  • worm autorun.buo | low
  • worm networm.c | low
  • worm downad.a | low

  • Win32/Zafi.B worm
  • Win32/Netsky.Q worm
  • Win32/Bagle.HE worm
  • a variant of Win32/I...
  • Win32/Scano.NBH worm

Top 10 IT Security Threats of 2008
  1. Increasingly Sophisticated Web Site Attacks That Exploit Browser Vulnerabilities - Especially On Trusted Web Sites
  2. Increasing Sophistication And Effectiveness In Botnets
  3. Cyber Espionage Efforts By Well Resourced Organizations Looking To Extract Large Amounts Of Data - Particularly Using Targeted Phishing
  4. Mobile Phone Threats, Especially Against iPhones And Android-Based Phones; Plus VOIP
  5. Insider Attacks
  6. Advanced Identity Theft from Persistent Bots
  7. Increasingly Malicious Spyware
  8. Web Application Security Exploits
  9. Increasingly Sophisticated Social Engineering Including Blending Phishing with VOIP and Event Phishing
  10. Supply Chain Attacks Infecting Consumer Devices (USB Thumb Drives, GPS Systems, Photo Frames, etc.) Distributed by Trusted Organizations