Civil Service Exam Tips to Pass Easily

First, we have to know why there is a Civil Service exam. Civic service exams are implemented in various countries as a way to achieve an effective, rational public administration on a merit system. CS exams are conducted to establish a register of eligibles from which certification and appointment to the second and first level positions in the Civil Service shall be made, provided said eligibles meet the qualifications and other requirements of the positions.

Have you taken a Civil Service examination? If you already have successfully hurdled it, congratulations! If not, well, do not lose hope.

Do you want to pass a CS exam easily? Yes? Then read on.

The scopes of the exams are as follows:
  • Career Service Professional - In English and Filipino; Vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy logic, and numerical reasoning
  • Career Service Subprofessional - In English and Filipino; Vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, spelling, clerical operations, and numerical reasoning
    • Both Professional and Subprofessional levels of the examinations will have general information on the following areas: Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R.A. 6713), Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts, and Environment Management and Protection.
More FAQ's here.

To pass the test, the examinees should get a grade of at least 80.00. How to easily pass that rating?

Here are a few tips:
  • Read books (see the scopes to know what subject areas to focus).
  • Take time to browse the internet for some useful information.
  • Read the newspaper at least a month before the exam proper for current events on that period. Not the very recent issues because the questionnaire could have been written probably a month or couple of months ago.
  • If you prefer to self-review, Civil Service Exam reviewers are available at bookstores. Ask for a free CS Exam reviewer from a friend, borrow it.
  • Prepare yourself a week before the exam. Keep yourself stress-free.
  • Sleep early and soundly the night before the exam.
  • During the exam day, eat your breakfast and take a bath. It will keep you fresh and relaxed.
  • Double check if you have with you the necessary things like pencil, eraser, sharpener and most importantly the examination slip and receipt.
  • Go to the examination venue at least an hour before the official exam time, which is 8:00 o'clock in the morning.
  • Bring with you something to eat and drink.
  • While the exam is on-going, focus and read the instructions and questions carefully, with comprehension.
  • Do not stay long on hard questions, go back to them when you’re done with easier ones.
  • If you are finished answering all questions ahead of cut-off time, do not go home immediately. Make use of the remaining time to review your answers.
  • Enjoy the feel of it. Be confident.
I followed all these tips and passed the professional CS exam that was conducted on March 9, 2008. If you do the same, you will surely find your name listed in the examination results page of the Civil Service Commission.

Tips / pointers from the CSC:
  • According to the CSC, the career service examinations are general ability tests where speed and accuracy matter. The Professional level, consisting of 150 test items, lasts for three hours while the Sub-professional level, also with 150 test items, lasts for 2.5 hours. Passing rate for both levels is 80.
  • The CSC advises examinees of the Professional level to review on vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy, logic and numerical reasoning. Takers of the Sub-professional level should review on the same subject areas except analogy and logic, and in addition, spelling and clerical operations.
Now, for those who did not meet the passing rate of 80% in the Career Service Examination, there is a facility in the CSC called Report of Rating (RoR) just in case you want to know your score and what field you failed. It is available on line; here's the link.