How to get Fast and Free Internet

This is for all you Smart mobile users out there. Did you know that you can browse the internet fast and for free using your mobile phone? Yes, you can!

We have a step-by-step procedure on how to access the web free of charge. It is actually a combination of procedures from forum member dennevhyn_31 and our own self-made guide.


1. On your Smart cellphone, activate Smart GPRS and MMS. Click here for the how-to guide.

2. Afterwhich, you have to check if your internet profile on your mobile phone is set to "Smart Internet." Check the proxy settings of Smart Internet. If there is none, put on the Proxy Address and 8080 on the Port Number.
  • You can also try using "Smart GPRS" if you don't have the Smart Internet data account.
  • Likewise, to double-check, go to Menu\Settings\Configuration. If the Default config. setting shows "Smart" and the Preferred access pt. is "SmartInternet", you are on the right track.
3. Download Opera Mini 4.2 from then install it. You can download it to your computer and then transfer it to your phone. For Nokia users, the PC Suite is the best choice. If you're going to download it directly to your phone, you will be charged.

4. After installing Opera Mini 4.2, go to Menu\Tools\Settings\Network. Select "Socket" on the Protocol options then save it. For faster browsing speed, here's our guide.

5. Type opera:server on the address bar. This is to ensure that you have a working connection.

6. To make sure that you have set the Opera Mini server using Socket Protocol, open your Opera Mini 4.2 then go to Menu\Tools\Help\About. If the Proxy URL that will show there is socket:// then you're good to go. If it says, check again the protocol settings by following step 4. This is to make sure that you will not be charged.

7. After making sure that you have step 6 done, try browsing the Internet and that's it. You will get fast and free internet.

Tip: If nothing happens after doing these steps. Try to load an All-Text 20 or higher, you will be connected. You can use all the load and still get free internet access.

Update: Smart has disable free internet access through the Socket protocol. What is working now is the HTTP protocol but is not free. =(