How to copy or transfer mp3 music from computer to cellphone

I was off in blogging for a couple of days because of hectic work schedules. Now, I am back with another no-nonsense post, a step-by-step procedure on how to copy or transfer music (mp3) files from computer to your mobile phone / cellphone.

Not only that, this procedure will allow you to convert mp3 to m4a to reduce memory size. You see, it is important to maximize memory card space so you can squeeze more music / songs into it.

While others go to service shops to copy mp3 music to their cellphone, which is costly, why don't you follow this procedure and do it on your own. You will gain more knowledge, you don't have to go away from home and spend more money for fares, and most importantly, you will be saved from expensive service fees at cellphone shops.

Basically, you will need the following:
1. Your Nokia cellphone;
2. Nokia PC Suite, it's free - click here to download.
3. Connectivity cable (mini-usb to usb), the screenshot is shown below;
4. Desktop computer or laptop; and
5. Music (mp3) files.

Now, follow thoroughly as there are a few steps which are very important in order to optimize the mp3 file to reduce file size.

  • Install the Nokia PC Suite in your computer / laptop

  • After installation, you will be asked to configure the connection. Connect your cellphone to your computer / laptop by using a connectivity cable. Follow the instructions until completed.

  • Open Nokia PC Suite. Click 'Transfer music'.

  • This is the most important part: If your Nokia cellphone supports m4a files, you will be given the option to convert mp3 to m4a which will result to a reduction in file size by more than a half. For example, you have a 4mb mp3 song, after convertion it will be reduced to 2mb or maybe less thus saving memory card space.

  • Scan your computer for music (mp3) files.

  • Select the songs you would like copied to your Nokia cellphone. Click 'File' menu and then select 'Copy to phone'.

  • You will be asked, "Do you want to convert music tracks to mobile optimised format?". Check / mark first the "Remember my answer..." box and then hit 'Yes'.

  • The convertion will begin. Afterwhich, your music file will be copied from your computer / laptop to your Nokia cellphone automatically.
Now, take a look at the file size reduction.



Question: Is the audio quality affected? The answer is No. It is only the file size which will be optimized to maximize memory card space.

Tell your friends about this to save them from expensive cellphone service. And who knows, you can start a business of your own after learning this procedure, right?