Coolbuster's WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Contest

Our apologies but this contest has been officially terminated. =( View the rationale here.

It's 2009 and we are starting the new year with a big bang!

Coolbuster At Your Service, moving forward on its second year of amazing blogging experience, is proud to present the newest, the hottest, the most-talked about, the most unique blog contest ever!

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1. Write / blog about this contest stating all prizes and sponsors.

2. Include in your post(s) your guess (one guess per post) on what is inside the box, additional 5 entries if you get it right. (LOL! This is fun!)

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Additional Information (this is where you will get updates info):
  • All sponsors can join this contest.
  • Additional prizes will be posted. The author will be sending invitations to Sanyo Philippines and a major Mall chain for sponsorship (how about that!).
  • The prizes are subject to change (for the better) without prior notice. The entry blogs should be edited for the prize updates. (updated: 1/7/09)
  • We will accept prize sponsorships from advertisers, website owners and bloggers until April 30, 2009.
Note: Please leave your comments if you think I missed something or you already have posted about this Contest. Don't forget to include the link(s) to your entry or entries, okay? To all sponsors, please email me your 125x125 banner at pinoydads[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]ph. Thank you so much.

Good luck to all!

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