Blog Makeover

Coolbuster At Your Service is presently experiencing a blog makeover.

Based on articles, posts, comments, and advices we have read from veteran blogs, search engine optimisation or SEO sites and money making sites and encouragement from blog followers, we are changing our blog design for the better.

We are listing down some of these changes, as follows:

  • Header - We scrapped the idea of having a header that tells the reader what this blog is all about. It turned out, that the more we place some sort of explanations as to what we blog about, is the more the header becomes overcrowded. Now, the header is composed only of blog name logo and a 768x90 rotating ads from our sponsors.
  • Title and Link color - We made it blue instead of gray. Gray was dull so we made it a point that the title and links are easily read and has a catchy yet cool-to-the-eyes color.
  • Title Borderline - Before, a reader can hardly distinguish which one is the post title and which one is the post entry, the colors were obviously the same - gray. So, in order to put a clear distinction between post entry and title, we created a thin borderline on top of the post title. Now, the titles don't anymore look like a continuation of the other post.
  • Sections and Classifications - One of the worst things we did the last time was to put anything anywhere, everywhere. The sections and classifications were improperly placed and were unidentified. This time, we made sure that the ads are named as ads, the side posts are named as sideposts, and so on and so forth.
  • Additions - Aside from our posts, which we are updating regularly, we added some more features that we think might be useful for our readers like you such as:
    • Headlines bar - it will be easy for you now to know our latest posts evertime you enter the page.
    • Follow me on Twitter - an animated badge which will enable you to follow our activities using the Twitter service.
    • Popular Posts widget - this is not originally offered by Blogger. But since we wanted our readers to find out what's popular on this blog, we placed this widget.
    • Related Posts widget - the same as the former, this feature is not offered by blogger, we do not exactly know why. This widget is so helpful for our readers. The moment you are finished reading one article, you can easily find some more related articles to keep you going. On the other hand, just shortly after we placed the corresponding code, the number of page views dramatically increased.
    • Social Network section - right now, it is Blog Catalog that is visible in this section. The bloggers / active members of this site really help fellow bloggers, without cost, to improved their Alexa Ranking. Moreover, they are also generous in giving wonderful search engine optimisation techniques and ideas. In fact, they are the main reason why we are currently doing some blog adjustments/rearrangements. I am so proud I became a member of BC.
    • YouTube videos - we transferred our YouTube videos about computer and software tweaks to the sidebar. We found its former location, which is in the center of the blog, as inappropriate so we decided to move it from there. We also transformed the videos into a smaller size. You will just need to double-click anywhere on the video except the play button to enlarge it.
    • Wallpaper Downloads section - You don't have to navigate away from this blog if you are looking for desktop and laptop wallpapers. We created a section where we displayed our personal wallpaper collection. These are mostly premium wallpapers which were collected through internet research and friend's recommendations.
  • And last but not the least, we removed some craps to ensure that this blog loads faster when you open it.
    • Digg is a good site, but their submission badge hinders fast page loading so we removed it.
    • We also removed several referral badges and ads of blog submission sites. The result was awsome, page loading improved thus we attracted and not drive away visitors and readers.
    • We did not find Google's Urchin Tracker useful so we finally decided after contemplating to remove it. Unless it will offer useful ways to improve blogs, we are temporarily putting it aside.
You might ask, why the heck are we posting this? The answer is pretty simple. That is because we wanted to share our ideas for the appreciation (maybe not) of anybody who is into blogging, especially the newer ones. This is also helpful to those who will create a blog of their own.

Okay, just enjoy your stay here, and browse more aricles for knowledge enrichment. On anything you would want to change if you were one of us, please comment-in.