Who's Got the Link?

I have read so many times that for a blog to be able to get high traffic that result to better Alexa or Google ranking, it must be linked in other blogs or websites. Today, I am posting a few sites that link Coolbuster At Your Service. Definitely, as I will always be thankful of, these sites brought more visitors to this blog in addition to its regular readers.

Who's got the link?

1. TestMy.Net - It's the best speed testing website on the internet, the most accurate so far. TMN offers free membership. It will get you help with computer problems from thousands of qualified members or put your skills to the test and help out other members.

All registered members get additional database logging benefits for their respective speedtests. Check out one of my posts there: Transform Windows Vista to Windows 7.

2. NERB - NERB is the personal blog of FrankZ, my partner in Coolbuster and Partners. It is focused mainly on nerdy things, such as programming, science, the internet, games, the latest gadgets, various tech stuff … et cetera; things that nerds alike enjoy the most. If you are wondering where the heck ‘NERB‘ came from, it’s simply a mesh up of ‘nerd’s blog’. Check out his posts one and two.

3. BisdakPlanet - BisdakPlanet is a webiste of online friends called “Managhigala”. It is a group of loving, caring and funny women / men from all walks of life that have gathered together to meet and become friends.

BisdakPlanet promotes laughter, friendship, and imagination wherever their friends go. They are companions in the true meaning of friendship. Here's the post welcoming Coolbuster in BisdakPlanet.

4. MAPUAownage - The unofficial Mapua Message Boards. This is the link of the post mentioning Coolbuster.

5. Blogged - This website is all about, well, blogs. You get to submit your favorite blog articles there. The one submitted was my post entitled Pinay Sex Scandals, Filipina Scandals and Adult Videos.

That's it for now. If I am going to post every website or blog linking my blog or making use of my tweaks and other posts, this page will be full.

Before I forget, I would like to thank all of those who are linking my blog from their sites. In case you need to inform me of something that I do not know or perhaps acknowledged in this regard. Please feel free to comment-in your concern.