Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1 - Screenshots and Review

Brief history:

Vista Transformation Pack is a popular software from WindowsX, a.k.a. Lucifiar, of the WindowsX Live website. It is a freeware with third-party applications that can make your Windows XP look and behave like Windows Vista. The latest version is version 9.0.1 which you can download here.

In my previous article, I have promised to post a short review of the new Vista Transformation Pack version 9.0.1 so here it is. Oh wait, before that, let me show you some screenshots taken during VTP installation.

  • The zipped VTP is light at a file size of 26.82 mb.
  • The VTP 9.0.1 installation process took eight minutes on a computer with a Pentium 4 processor, 1 gigabyte of random access memory (RAM) and 256 megabytes graphics card. I think it will be shorter in a more powerful computer.
  • Thoosje's Vista Sidebar was excluded in the package and in its place is the Vista Rainbar. This third-party software is simplier than the first one mentioned. Compared to Thoosje's Vista Sidebar, the Vista Rainbar version included in the pack loads faster but has less features. The Calculator accessory, which is the most useful, is not integrated.
  • I found out later that the complete version is better and is released separately. Download Vista Rainbar V4 here from Gavatx and replace the one initially installed with VTP. After which, your side bar will look like this:
  • LeeSoft's Vistart features an updated search box just below the ViOrb start menu Vista icon. It can search anything from the very first letter you type on it. Unfortunately, the right-click capability is still not there.
  • The new VTP comes in with ArtArmin's DrvIcon (Drive Icon) which replaces the old XP hard disk drive icons in My Computer.
  • Christian Salmon's Visual ToolTip has improved as well. It automatically resizes according to screen resolution. I like it showing the icon of the program and the title of the window being minimized.
  • Total memory resource usage of all running third party applications is no more than 42 mb.

Are bugs affecting these issues?

  • Loading of Microsoft Office (excel, word, powerpoint) documents seems slow.
  • When adding a new Toolbar in the Taskbar, you will have to simulataneously press Ctrl+Alt+Del every time you proceed with an item selection.
  • On the other hand, the following will pop-up when you right-click on Vistart instead of a menu:

I hope his partners or followers have informed WindowsX about it. I am looking forward to a fix in a future patch or full version release.

Generally, Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1 is a good software. The release was greatly hyped but the software itself came short of expectations.