How to Make Broadband Internet Connection Faster

Please be informed that this is an update to my original post: Coolbuster's FOURmula for Faster Broadband Speed and Reduced Latency.

Still, we are going to use the best connection speed-tweaking software I have ever used, DrTCP, which is a tool is from Dr. TCP and DSLReports forum members.

As previously mentioned, DrTCP is a standalone program. There is no need to install this tool. The user interface is simple and it uses less system resources at 1.7mb only. Definitely not a memory hog.
Suggestion: after downloading, place the exe file at in the hard disk drive. Put a shortcut somewhere preferably in the desktop for easy recall.
I have updated Coolbuster's FOURmula.

So far in the last couple of months, my internet connection and those of other satisfied broadband internet users who were able to follow this guide have improved and have been stable. Faster speed and reduced latency are the benefits.

Coolbuster's FOURmula: Procedure

1. Back up your important files and software installers, reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows XP operating software.

2. Download DrTCP. After downloading, place a shortcut on your desktop and double-click it to run the tool.

3. Put the following values in each corresponding box:
  • TCP Receive Window = [1027840]
  • Window Scaling = [Yes]
  • Time Stamping = [No]
  • Selective Acks = [Yes]
  • Dial Up (RAS) MTU = [blank]
  • Path MTU Discovery = [Yes]
  • Black Hole Detection = [No]
  • Max. Duplicate ACKs = [blank]
  • TTL = [blank]
  • Adapter Settings (your adapter model) = [1500]

4. Click 'Save' and then 'Exit' and restart your computer to apply the changes.
1. Faster broadband speed.
2. Reduced latency.

1. Reformat hard drive and install a fresh Windows XP operating before applying this procedure.
2. For Smartbro users: do not mix it up with the 10 Steps to Faster Smartbro to avoid messing up your tcp/ip settings.
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If you have experienced the benefits of this tweak, kindly post a comment on how you feel about it.