Francis Panganiban on Coolbuster & Partners

We bring to you "Coolbuster and Partners" a collaboration of bloggers as a new feature here on Coolbuster at Your Service. To kick off, we are proud to introduce to you our new partner, Francis. Get to know this gentleman better. Read his first post below. - Coolbuster
Hi there, if you have noticed the Collaboration of Bloggers banner at the top and you're curious about it, I've just arrived and just became a part of it.

I'm Francis Panganiban, freelance web developer and independent computer consultant (support agent). I may be new to CoolBuster At Your Service , but I've been blogging about computers for a long, long time.

I first used a PC --my dad's x286 model, circa 1990's-- about eleven years ago. Since then, I've been using the PC everyday for more than about eight hours straight: it's just amazing, it's just fascinating.

And it became my hobby.

Later on, it became my profession.

I have been working with computers for a very long time. I have already helped hundreds of people solve their PC woes. But I never decided to share my knowledge online until about eight years ago, way back in 2000. At first there was Blogger, where I wrote about lots and lots of random stuff about things I discover everyday. Then there came WordPress, where my blogging skills enhanced (and my ethics as well). I wrote there for hundreds of days and nights, until one day -- it just died down. I lost my inspiration. My writing fervor just died down. And I thought all my dreams came with it.

And then the day after yesterday, an invitational email from Hogwarts Coolbuster arrived at my inbox, asking me to work with him here. I never thought he'd ask (after all, I'm just an average subscriber just like you) -- but reality shadowed me and he did ask. It's true. So here I am, writing this post.

So, what do I have to offer? I can promise to contribute many things, such as:
  • Tips, guides, tweaks, and hacks to improve things that are PC-related;
  • Reviews and recommendations about very useful sites, freeware applications (I never share anything that could cause harm or cost bucks), and tools that could make all our lives easier;
  • News about breakthroughs, innovations, and stuff that just happened in the tech world;
  • and brain food. All my articles are going to be interesting to read. My technique makes my long essay-ish posts (just like this one) speak to the reader -- unlike other journalists who make their entries sound bossy.

What you shouldn't expect from me:
  • Reverse engineering guides (guides that help you unlock or crack paid software);
  • Hack sites (that contain guides to the above item, or malicious code that could harm you);
  • Obscene and inappropriate material;
  • Hateful or racial language;
  • Offensive discriminations to any[one/thing] famous;
  • and tricks that let you down.

You can always keep in touch with me via email frankz0509[at]gmail[dot]com, or you can follow me via Twitter.

So, that's it from me -- until the next entry.